Unofficial Fedora Core Guide


Welcome to the Unofficial Fedora Core Guide site; where anyone can read or contribute his/her knowledge about Fedora Core.

Mission Statement:

Sharing knowledge: To let others learn from our experiences and ideas, and feel some of the personal fulfillment that comes with it.

How things started:

A little history; I've only pickup Linux (Fedora) since April 2004. This guide started out from my personal reference notes; of my day to day effort on learning Linux (Fedora). My notes were never intended to be published on the net, till I noticed from forums that there are people who are facing the same issues that I had before. That's when I figured out, why not share my notes!

I'm neither an expert nor a writer, and this is my first time doing this. Trust me, if I could do better, I would. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm here to learn too. There are still many more topics that I want to include in, but due to time constraint, I can only do it bit by bit. So, please be patients with me.

This site is still very new. It will grow from time to time. Once I have spare time, will design this site nicely. For now, more topics...

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Help me, Help others:
It is very obvious that I can't do this alone and my knowledge is limited. No man is an island. So, come join in the fun! Help me, help others! Anyone can write (experts or beginners), so long as you think you have some good information to share.

How to join the club?
1st *and* 2nd rules, "You do not submit your guide elsewhere!" Joking! I have no rights to that :)
3rd rule, You should enjoy sharing knowledge!
4th rule, Email your guide to me. Please state your name, email and your guide's title

Author's Section

Unofficial Fedora Core 2 Guide for Beginners - by Chua Wen Kiat
*Formerly known as "A fresh install Fedora Core 2 Guide for Novices"

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Contributors' Section

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